Implementasi Freeradius Berbasis Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Pada Management Infrastruktur Jaringan Internet Service Provider

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Internet Service Providers as a provider networks and the internet certainly has a network infrastructure that is scattered everywhere. The greater an internet service provider is certainly the more infrastructure owned. The infrastructure need to be managed and accessed to be configured to function as desired. In managing all these devices we need a legitimate authentication and authorization to gain access to the device. Problems in a large internet service provider which has been very much the number of devices, device management becomes an issue. Conventional System authentication and authorization which user database is stored on each device would be inefficient for any network administrator. The need created system permissions settings centrally to facilitate performance of network administrators in monitoring the network conditions. In this final project-based system freeradius ldap using LDAP as a directory of data can be accessed over a network. Then it will be made an analysis of the LDAP-based FreeRADIUS. After analysis of the FreeRADIUS LDAP-based, it can be concluded that in order to help streamline access rights be integrated to be made in the system centrally


Autentication, Autorization, Radius, LDAP

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