Otomasi Sistem Rumah Anti Banjir dengan Notifikasi SMS

Jeanny Silvie Ratu, Safitri Juanita, Windarto Windarto


This flood disaster is caused directly by the rain with high intensity in a long time, and indirectly cause by garbage disposal in the river, There is no water catchment, flood from other river, etc. Therefore, we needed early warning sistem that provide information to people whos needed to save theirs homes, goods and ensuring safety for the residents of the house. With automation system of house unflood which is simulated using device such as hydraulic pumps, ultrasonic sensors and arduino uno to monitor the height of water or flood and associated with application, the goal of this research is helping people to reduce disaster losses from flood disaster programs and facilitate people with the automated technology used on this system. The case study on Jatikramat urban village because the floods in this area often happened. Application built using software Visual Studio 2008 and software database Ms.Access 2007. Conclusion of this research is implementation using Simulating a homestead with various device as a data input and connected to the application that we build to moving house using hydrolic during flood is successfully as well as with buzzer as alarm and SMS as notification.

Kata Kunci

Flood, Water Pump, Home Automation, SMS Gateway, Ultrasonic Sensor

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