Rancangan Implementasi Manajemen Database pada Background Process Menggunakan CrondManager Sebagai Upaya Peningkatan Performance dan Keamanan Data Secara Online: Studi Kasus PT. YZI

Satria Dwi Putra, Muhammad Rifqi


Processing of data efficiently will adversely impact the live cycle time applications. However, on the other hand the concern related to management and structured data is still lacking, so that such a bad impact of system downtime. This happens because the delivery mechanism for data that does not correspond to the role of business models and applications. PT. YZI is an organization engaged in online advertising property, where each day its ad information obtained in real time both the merchant and independent property agent. However, there are some processes that are found are still not in accordance with the role model PT.YZI include a data management and structure are still lacking that declining application performance and her no data encryption to ensure data security. With the basic theory java native and method AES() encryption MySQL then CrondManager is one of alternative tools of data processing that can be implemented right on the system. The end result of this research is the design implementation process CrondManager the background system for PT. YZI who apply online integration of data in the form of a data listing and/or encryption of data that are proven to meet the data security aspects. By implementing this CrondManager expected aspects of performance systems, data security and zero downtime system can be met.

Kata Kunci

Database management, Data Processing, backgroud Processing, Data Security, CrondManager

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