Rancang Bangun Perangkat Lunak Pengelolaan Kelas E-Learning tanpa Server CMS yang Berbasis Android

Anis Cherid


If an institution wants to organize e-learning courses, the institution has to provide Content Mangement System (CMS) server which has a Public IP, so that all the stakeholders of the e-learning processes can communicate. In this paper, the author explains an alternative solution that can be use to organize a tehcnology supported e-learning that has conformance with Learning Technology System Architecture (LTSA), but at the same time does not need the availability of a CMS computer server and its infrstructure. To achieve this end, the author designs and builds a software that run on Android smartphone and the processes in LTSA framework are handled by each lecturer or teacher and his/her student.  The features of the Android based software for the lecturer or teacher are creating and distributing class schedule, lesson content and quizzes to the students and to receive quizzes answers and marks from students, to be further processed with the help of a spreadsheet program. While the features for students are to access lesson content, to work on quizzes and sending answers and marks to lecturer/teacher. Then the application on the student's and teacher's smartphone will communicate indirectly with each other through preparing text that is ready to be copied and pasted to social media application or email application. With the special way of delivering message between parties but still having the power of Android operating system and the social media application running on it, the need for centralized CMS server for storing data and for doing communication will be eliminated.

Kata Kunci

E-learning System, no CMS server, Android, social media application, indirect communication

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