Terapan Pembayaran Elektronik PBB Dengan Host To Host Iso 8583 Pada Pemerintahan Daerah

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Local Government expansions on the system of tax payment transactions especially the UN offline has now added more facilities with the payment system of the UN Online electronic payment through Bank. The existing System of Land and Building Tax Payment Service Line (SOPP-PBB) is very helpful to the government in controlling tax payment transaction data, the convenience is there because the end-to-end or host-to-host facility uses switching techniques between related institutions . By pairing ISO 8583 on Payment Service System of Land and Building Tax (SOPP-PBB) which has been running as interface or bridge between server through each switch owned by local government with BJB Bank to optimize electronic transaction process and As a form of assurance provided by the service provider to cover a wider range of services

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electronic payment, host to host, ISO 8583

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