Penerapan Algoritma Klasifikasi Data Mining C4.5 Pada Dataset Cuaca Wilayah Bekasi

Adhika Novandya, Isni Oktria


The weather is the state of the air at a certain point and to a particular region a relatively narrow and in a short time frame. Weather reports in general often called weather forecasting is the use of science and technology to estimate the atmosphere of the earth in the will come to a particular place. The data used to research obtained from world weather online, is a the site that providing data and information on weather conditions daily. Data used having intervals time every three hours starting from August 12, 2016 at 01.00 up to August 20, 2016 at 10 pm. Research aims to get pattern classifications weather with data mining algorithm classifications namely c4.5 algorithm. The results of testing algorithm c4.5 use 10-fold cross validation and provable to the creation of application web for testing so as to produce value accuracy of 88.89 %.


Weather, Weather Forecasting, Data Mining, Classification Algorithm

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