Asma Md Isa, Haslina Mohamed Hassan, Wan Amizah Wan Mahmud, Muhammad Adnan Bin Pitchan


The purpose of this artcle is to present an analysis of Malaysian audiences’ perceptons in terms of the correlaton analysis between censorship and gratfcaton in new media research, in partcular, the non-linear broadcastng domain. A total of 606 samples were selected from the populaton and analyzed using SPSS version 25.0 sofware through Pearson Correlaton analysis and Simple Linear Regression method. Correlaton is a statstcal method that can be used to evaluate the relatonship between two contnuous variables. The fndings of the study showed a positve and signifcant relatonship between censorship on unwanted scenes aired via Netlix platorm and audience’s gratfcaton with a value of p = 0.00 and showed a positve relatonship between the variables. The results of this study are able to give a clear view to policymakers in Malaysia in order to take the necessary steps in developing a new regulatory framework towards over-the-top (OTT) media players by considering the sentments of Malaysian audiences in relaton to the unwanted elements that are not appropriate for public viewing and which are contrary to culture, religion and values in Malaysia.

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