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Since we were born, all human is actually a storyteller. We live through our ancestor stories and we recreate their stories. In therapeutic practice, storytelling has been notifed as one of a strong tool in order to move clients forward and develop their life better. Play therapy is one of the methods in psychotherapy that use stories as its therapeutic tool. In this paper, we will fnd how a play therapist develop stories to help clients solve their own problem. Data collection is provided through participant observation, where the researcher is involved in the therapy room with clients and delivered stories that is planned to help clients to fnd themselves. As a conclusion, therapist needs to follow some steps to build the story: Identifying client’s issue, choose the suitable metaphore, prepare the story based on introduction to main character-build confict-fnd resolution-ending. Besides, the therapist good reason (life history, biography, cultural background, and character) will determine how the story goes.

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