Sabena Sabena, Vania Utami Subiakto, Nafah Ariyani


Communication is needed in all felds to convey messages, including in politics. There is such a thing as the transformation of political communication in the reform era and political communication in the digital era, which needs to be examined in terms of the process of diferences and changes in how to convey the message. This research was conducted on Kang Emil’s account on social media Tiktok. The transformation is in political communication with the information technology that is growing at this time where various messages can be directly spread. Kang Emil uses social media to convey his political message to the public, with professional creative content. Using the theory of a syringe known as the bullet theory. It was explained that the audience had absolutely no power to reject information after it was shot through the communication media. The audience will be complacent like being injected with anesthetic through a syringe, so they cannot choose other alternatives in making choices except what is presented by Tiktok. Political communication is not only used for personal interests, but can be used by political party organizations. In this study, the author uses a qualitative approach with technical in-depth interviews to 4 informants. The results of research from the account @ Kang Emil @Anies Baswedan @Ganjar Pranowo show that in the transformation of political communication, they have diferences before the covid 19 pandemic. They go directly to constituents in their respective electoral districts and there are diferences after the covid 19 pandemic. The transformation of political communication is more dependent on Tiktok social media.

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