I REALIZED THAT I MOVED ON Phenomenological Study of the Meaning of “Ribawi” on Former Bank Employees in the X-Bank Community

Afdal Makkuraga Putra, Mikke Setiawati, Dicky Andika, Siti Khadijah


There is an X-bank community with members of former fnancial employees scattered throughout Indonesia. Fascinating to examine, especially one of X-bank’s activities, ‘da’wah’ through social media about ‘riba’ patterns of communication of the X-bank community on Instagram in creating an entrepreneurial culture, with Alfred Schutz’s phenomenological theory, constructivism philosophical paradigm with qualitative phenomenological approaches. Data collection was obtained through in-depth interviews with ten informants consisting of the primary informants who are the core management of the Bank Indonesia community and supporting informants, namely followers of IG @X-bank.indonesia, was also carried out observation on Instagram account @X-bank.Indonesia. Based on the research and data analysis results, there are several motives for followers following the @Xbank.Indonesia Instagram account; through motives refer to the past (becausemotive), including survival, religion, fnding out, studying, bad experiences and motives refer to the future (in-order-to motive), including ‘da’wah’, motivation, sharing experiences, ‘hijrah’, blessed sustenance, and out of usury. The typifcation of @Xbank.Indonesia followers in this research are, frst, fghter followers (followers who have resigned from banking). Second, ordinary followers (followers who are still working in banking). Third, common followers (followers with backgrounds outside banking.

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