Pembangunan Dashboard Untuk Visualisasi Analisa Keuangan

Elisa Dwi Jayanti, Nur Ani


PT HFI is a company engaged in the field of heavy equipment financing. Over time the growing company and more diverse data owned. This makes it difficult for the company to analyse the data. Related to this matter, the research conducted aims to design and build a dashboard at PT HFI. Methods of data collection conducted through the interview process, literature study, and observation. The purpose of this paper is to build data warehouse to simplify the process of data analysis, moving operational data from excel file into the SQL Server 2016 operating database, making the dashboard using the application Power BI. The results of this study are a data warehouse that can facilitate the analysis of data owned by the company and dashboard that can present information into the visual form. Dashboard can support the creation of information into the form of visual custom so that the information displayed in accordance with the needs. Benefits obtained are helpful in making decisions, can be used as a tool for making financial reports, and can facilitate users performs financial data analysis stored in the database in visual form.

Kata Kunci

dashboard, data warehouse, information visualization, Financial Analysis, SQL Server, ETL

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