International Symposium on Culture Heritage

The purpose of this symposium is to strengthen and preserve cultural heritage from the perspective of fine arts, performing arts, languages, Fashion Design, Multimedia Design, Interior Design, Product Design, and Visual Communication Design. Participants of this symposium are experts, researchers, professionals, academics, organizations, developers, and students who are interested in developing sustainable cultural heritage designs. Through this international symposium, participants can share their insights and knowledge about the preservation of cultural heritage, especially in the field of design.

This symposium carries the concept of local wisdom which can be seen as a response to rationality, and local wisdom towards locality in universality. This event took the main theme "The Power of Cultural Arts in the Post-Pandemic Era", with the aim of involving the participation of interested parties in the development of design cultural heritage, specifically in the post-pandemic era.

International Symposium on Cultural Heritage (ISyCH) #2