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The action figure has an articulation point so that it can be moved around in several parts, because the articulation can also pose an action figure so that it looks more attractive. The material for the action figures themselves range from ABS plastic, PVC, vinyl, wood, metal, resin, and so on. All types of action figures have their own place in the hearts of action figure collectors. Usually collectors admire a fictional character or artwork created by the designer so they buy the action figure, even though there are some designers who do not tell what character is represented in the form of an action figure. Until now, the market for action figures is still dominated by foreign producers, but in terms of quality, locally made action figures can compete with competitors. The purpose of this design is to answer the needs of designer toys collectors with action figures for domestic products of comparable quality to competitors.


Action Figures; Designer Toys; Art Toys; Action Figure Collectors


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