Integrasi dan Sinkronisasi Program Sikasir Sebagai Proses Monitoring Menggunakan Platform Web

Gagas Julio, Eliyani Eliyani


Central Bureau of Statistics Indonesia stated in 2012 the number Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia reached 56,534,592. The biggest problem for SMEs in indonesia is lack of system that can be used to monitor business easily without having to come to the outlet. This research is intended to develop a Web Apps application for SMEs management based on the concept of Single Page Application named SIKASIR. This application can accessed by three actors namely owner as admin, manager, and chasier. Token is needed to run the application, the token will expired every two hours. Some menus in this application are management of stock, staff, and partners and reports. The Waterfall method was used to develop the application using JSON programming language and Agullar JS as a framework. Application was tested using Black Box method. The result of the testing showed that the url of the application could be accessed successfully, and all menus run well. The system of Web Apps can be used as data providers and data monitoring wherever and whenever with high accuracy and updated.


Web Apps, JSON, Single Page Application, Angullar JS

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