Buchori Muslim, Melly Ridaryanthi


Live streaming content has gained more popularity lately. Through live streaming, viewers have the opportunity to interactin real-time with streamers, be they celebrities, infuencers, musicians, gamers, or other public fgures. Respondingto potential live streaming content, IDN Media, a media platform for millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, also presents a live streaming service called IDN Live which can be accessed easily through the IDN App application. In addition to IDN Live, there are other similar platforms that already exist, such as Youtube, Nimo TV, NonoLive, Twitch, and others. This condition creates competition among live streaming feature providers whomust create a strong brand in the community, especially millennials and gen Z. In this efort, the role of public relations is very important to increase brand awareness in the community. The focus of this research is the roleof public relations in increasing brand awareness of IDN Live. Using the theory of public relations marketing mix strategy of Thomas L. Harris who is famous for the concept of ‘PENCILS’. The research method is a case study with interview data collection techniques and is equipped with data. Marketing public relations activities apply in increasing brand awareness of the seven marketing public relations strategies. Activities such as publications, carrying out interesting activities, public relations, cooperating with other companies, enhancinga positive image, and providing interesting features are serious and sincere eforts for IDN Liveto provide the best service to the community so that IDN Live brand awareness becomes stronger.

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