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                                                                                              Welcome to the 19th IPRC 2022


                                                                                                  President Committee

                                                                                    Laila Meiliyandrie Indah Wardani Ph.D.


Committee’s Welcoming Speech:

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many changes to the system of human life, and it requires individuals to adapt by having digitalization in most aspects of life.  All activities must continue to be carried out as they should and modified with mechanisms that depend on technology. The closest example is the holding of this conference, which is usually held offline, but amid limitations, it is now held in online situation.

On the other hand, we must not only be prepared, but also to maintain productivity we need to be nimble and flexible to all changes and technological advances. Working online makes us have to practice the flexibility in managing time, energy, and focus. Working while staying at home means that we must always be ready whenever needed by either our colleagues or family members. Productivity is the key to keep our activities running.

To be productive while facing more challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have to stay resilience. We have to continue to develop ourselves and avoid being resistant with the changes. Therefore, we can maintain and even develop our creativity in work, find new methods, develop techniques in presenting ideas to be easily understood, interesting, and not boring.

However, we must maintain our well-being in order to adapt and survive well in the midst of these challenges. By being always in a state of well-being, individuals can be productive and resilient in any way.

Therefore, the 19th IPRC 2022 carries the theme "Digital Resilience: Productivity & Well-being" with the hope that all of us can explore this phenomenon from various scientific perspectives. We also hope that this event can explore new insights and experiences for participants and presenters, and can facilitate academic collaboration between universities, despite the limitations in pandemic situation


President Committee: Laila Meiliyandrie Indah Wardani Ph.D