Dian Firmansyah, Nurmala Ahmar, Jmv Mulyadi


The aim of this study are to prove empirically the effect of leverage, size, liquidity and
operating cash flows of the fixed asset revaluation. The research is using sample from all
non financial companies, which doing revaluation asset during 2012-2015 through
registered company in Indonesian Stock Exchange by upward revaluation category. This
research is using Path analysis (PLS) without requiring the classical assumption test and
normality. The results showed that the leverage effect on the revaluation of fixedassets, it
is proved that high leverage is reason for the company to decided doing the revaluation of
fixed assets, the large company is tend want to show decrease the earnings report to
reduce the political cost, assets revaluation would caused recalculate value of
depreciation to increase expense and to reduce company profits. Cash flow operation
affected the revaluation of fixed assets to company needs to be able to paid obligations
and assets revaluations required a large fund for appraisal services, audit fee and tax
final payment. Whereas, for the liquidity is found did not effect to fixed asset revaluation,
hight cost to assets revaluation and low liquidity is not reason for the company to choose
the revaluation model. In during four years of research found that the asset revaluation
model which reported in Other comprehensive income is growing and expected to make
the financial report advantages and high quality increase through reported by fair value
in the financial report.


Leverage; Size; Liquidity; Cash Flow from operation; Revaluations Assets;

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