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Is there any relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment?
Today, one of the most fundamental issues of managers is improving job satisfaction of
the employee and organizational commitment. It is impossible to get efficiency from an
employee who is not satisfied with his job and has a low organizational commitment.
Therefore, these two concepts must be well understood to keep up the activities of
organizations in an effective way. Normally, enterprises should meet the expectations and
needs of the employees. Only in this way, the enterprises can motivate their employees.
And employees will develop a commitment within the frame work of organizational
conditions in which they are motivated and satisfied and also by increasing their
performance in this direction, they will make efforts in line with the objectives of the
organization itself. For this reason, which is vital in sustaining the business, the employees
must do their best to increase job satisfaction and organizational commitment.In this
study, the effects of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment were diagnosed.
The research was carried out in Hitay Investment Holding in İstanbul. In order to
determine the job satisfaction, Manual for the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire by
Weiss, Dawis, England, Lofquist (1967) was used. the organizational commitment, Meyer
and Allen (1997) The ‘Three-component model of organizational commitment’ was used.
In the analysis process of the acquired data, an appropriate statistics programme has been
used with the demographical information of 89 employees have been collected.
Correlation Coeffıcients and Regression Analysis has been applied in order to measure the
relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment.Finally, it comes to a
result that there is a significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational
commitment. In the end of this thesis, some suggestions have been proposed to the
managers in order to increase the job satisfaction and organizational commitment of


Job Satisfaction; Organizational Commitment; Three Dimentions of Organizational Commitment; Hitay Investment Holding;

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