Winda Purwani


Abstract. The research aimed to find out the cause of reject and found the
proposed improvements in order to reduce the number of reject broken and clean
cinnamon product. By using the approach of DMAIC method to identify the
problem by using SIPOC diagram to explain the existing processes as well as data
collection through sources and related documents. Known to the average speed of
the input material and finding foreign objects into the main cause of reject broken
and clean cinnamon product. Measurement of process capability using Minitab
16.0 software for speed of the input material and foreign material separation. Root
cause of the problem is analyzed using a fishbone diagram. Found cause of reject
that dirty material, material feeding is not appropriate, no maximum engine
capacity, setting of suction at Tarara machines and the absence of a standard
reference in the suction. Repairs to the causes of the problem were analyzed using
5W1H table. Results fixes known increase the average speed of the input material
in the automation line and reduce the number of foreign material finding which
decrease the number of reject broken and clean cinnamon products. Some
proposed improvements to reduce reject: supplier performance monitoring by
visiting the land, audits, and training, prohibit the use of plastic bags as packaging
and the wood pallet as material storage, conduct supplier performance evaluation,
make improvements to the production machine, the setting of the suction machine
Tarara, and set the standard suction reference.
Keyword: DMAIC, Reject, SIPOC, Fishbone Diagram, Cinnamon

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