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Abstract: In the era of social commerce, individuals share their knowledge,
experience, and information about products and services with people in their
neighborhood or close friends. Formed on the basis of social support theory,
relationship quality, and social media concepts, this study proposes a model that
aims to investigate or analyze more deeply about the role of social factors that
influence relationship quality with its three dimensions (commitment, trust and
satisfaction), as well as social commerce intention. Surveys were conducted using
online-survey platforms and questionnaires distributed on which are the most
popular social networking sites in Indonesia (APJII, 2016), and the PLS-SEM
method was used to prove empirically the proposed model. The results of this
study related to social factors that give a significant influence on relationship
quality and social commerce intention. This study highlights the changing
behavior of consumers in the era of social commerce. It also contributes
positively to the development of theory in the context of social commerce.
Practically, the results of this study indicate that technology changes in the ecommerce

is a new opportunity and challenge for practitioners to be able to
adjust and take advantage of these opportunities.

Keywords: social commerce, social support, relationship quality, social media


social commerce, social support, relationship quality, social media

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