Analisis Peningkatan Efektifitas Mesin Cetak Produksi Tangki Air Dengan Metode Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Yulia Laysa


The increase in customer demand for water tanks has resulted in companies having problems meeting all requests. This is mainly due to the high machine breakdown time, especially on Line 3 No 28 printing press. The company strives to fulfill all customer requests by maximizing the potential of its resources. This research aims to identify the causal factors of the high breakdown time of Line 3 No 28 printing press and to recommend an increase in the effectiveness of Line 3 No 28 Printing machines using the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) method. The stages carried out in this study were through field observations, collecting data from the company's ERP and Jasper software systems, analysis, and recommendations the improvement. Data collection through interviews was carried out by direct interviews with relevant expert respondents using a fishbone diagram and FMEA methods. The main cause of the long breakdown time is the delay in the material powder entering the production area from the weighing area and the thin printing of the tank. The advice given is that the company implements OEE calculations every day so that the effectiveness of each machine can be monitored, the company increases the awareness of autonomous maintenance for everyone who works for the company and controls the improvements that have been recommended.


FMEA method; OEE method; six big losses; water tank production printing machine

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